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When it comes to dinner time, decision fatigue is a real thing. With Mealvana, you can click and be done!

After a long, busy day, the last thing on your mind is deciding, "What's for dinner?" It is so easy to fall back on a few familiar recipes and end up eating the same thing day after day. This not only gets boring fast, but it also limits your options for healthy, balanced eating.

Mealvana solves this problem! So, you may be wondering, "How can an app help me decide what to cook?" It's pretty simple, really. Just like Netflix suggests movies for you to watch and Pandora music for you to listen to, Mealvana learns your preferences and behaviors every time you use it. It also considers what's in season, what's for sale, as well as the last time you had the same meal. Don't like what you see? No worries. You can edit the plan however you see fit. The more input you provide the app, the better the recommendation gets the next time.

Healthy eating should be straightforward and affordable. With Mealvana you can measure, track, and optimize.

Unless you are a type A personality and meticulously keep a journal of what you eat (in which case, kudos to you), it is really hard to track how healthy you are eating. We built Mealvana with the belief that healthy eating should be accessible to everyone with little effort. A balanced, healthy nutrition profile is already factored in when the plan is made, and you always have detailed nutrition information at your fingertips.

And if you are a type A personality, congratulations! You can leave the meal planning to Mealvana and save your superpower for another time.

Looking for recipes should not be like looking for a needle in a haystack. With Mealvana, the right recipe looks for you.

How many times finding a lasagna recipe leads you down a rabbit hole. While with Google you certainly feel lucky to have hit 168,000,000 lasagna recipes, with Mealvana you will see the ones that only make sense to you - Keto, oh! and gluten-free, since your kids is allergic to wheat! Mealvana knows exactly what you need. Looking for recipes should not be like looking for a needle in a haystack. So instead of you looking for recipes, with Mealvana the right recipe looks for you.

Making grocery lists is not a glamorous job. With Mealvana, you can shop like a boss.

You may have a family recipe book, a Pinterest board, or follow a few tried-and-true bloggers, but when it comes to shopping, nobody enjoys the tedious task of compiling a list. With Mealvana, this step is automatically taken care of. Tasty recipes should be simple and effective. Allow us to elevate your recipe experience to a grand, new level. Kick back, be a boss, approve the plan, and voilà, there is your list.